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  Should my dentist refer me to an orthodontist?
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  What happens at the initial examination?
  What are the benefits of early treatment?
  Will I need to have teeth extracted for braces?
  How long does treatment last?
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  What should I do if spacers or separators are lost?  
  Can I return to school the same day that braces are fitted?
  Can I play sports with braces?
  Should I still see my family dentist?
  Are there foods I cannot eat?
  When is it too late for adults?
  I have crowns and missing teeth. Can I wear braces?
  Why an orthodontic SPECIALIST?
  When to see an orthodontist.
  Why orthodontic treatment?  
  Q: What happens if something is swallowed?

A: One of the uncommon risks associated with orthodontic treatment, is aspiration or “swallowing” or “inhaling” of a small orthodontic attachment. If you swallow part of your orthodontic appliance such as a bracket, band or rubber band, it will more than likely pass through your bowel system and be relatively harmless. However, if you swallow a part of your braces and have difficulty breathing or start choking, please seek immediate medical help. X-rays may be necessary by your attending physician or the medical facility, to determine the location of the swallowed item and additional medical intervention may be necessary.
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