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  Should my dentist refer me to an orthodontist?
  What is the correct age for the first orthodontic screening?
  What happens at the initial examination?
  What are the benefits of early treatment?
  Will I need to have teeth extracted for braces?
  How long does treatment last?
  How often will appointments be scheduled?
  Do braces hurt?
  What should I do if spacers or separators are lost?  
  What happens if something is swallowed?  
  Can I return to school the same day that braces are fitted?
  Can I play sports with braces?
  Should I still see my family dentist?
  Are there foods I cannot eat?
  When is it too late for adults?
  I have crowns and missing teeth. Can I wear braces?
  Why an orthodontic SPECIALIST?
  When to see an orthodontist.
  Why orthodontic treatment?  
  Q: When to see an orthodontist.

early or late loss of baby teeth
difficulty in chewing or biting
mouth breathing or inability to comfortably close the lips
jaws that shift or make sounds, protrude or are recessive
speech difficulties
biting the cheek or the roof of the mouth
facial imbalance or asymmetry
grinding or clenching of the teeth
cross-bite of front or back teeth
spacing, crowding, misplaced or blocked-out teeth
open bite (teeth that don’t meet) or teeth that meet abnormally
deep bite
protruding teeth
the presence of oral habits eg. thumbsucking
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