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lingual braces
lingual braces
lingual braces
lingual braces
  Lingual Braces are hidden behind the teeth and therefore invisible. We are possibly the largest provider of lingual braces in South Africa, having used this technique for over 16 years. We have used almost every different lingual technique including Incognito.

Lingual (invisible) braces.

  Almost everything that can be done with visible braces can
also be done on the lingual (back) side of your teeth.
The braces
are completely hidden from view; altogether a more convenient and
comfortable treatment experience. Only you will know that you are
wearing braces.

Almost anyone can wear lingual orthodontic braces. They have been used to treat men and women ranging from the age of 12 to 70 and older. Most people who can be treated with regular braces are also candidates for lingual braces.

Who prefers lingual braces?
People who want their braces to be invisible.
Musicians who play wind instruments.
Adults and teens playing contact sports.

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