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lingual braces
lingual braces
lingual braces
lingual braces
  Standard orthodontic appliances or braces have four basic parts
- brackets, arch wires, ligature ties and bands.

Brackets used in orthodontic treatment today are smaller than in
the past. They are bonded to each tooth with a tooth-coloured bonding adhesive and serve to hold the arch wire in place and move the teeth
to their desired position.

Arch wires are the wires that connect the brackets and are changed periodically whilst increasing in size through treatment and are responsible for gradually moving the teeth.

Bands are the metal rings that sometimes go around the molars.
They provide more strength to aid in moving the front teeth.

  Ligature ties are made of very small elastic bands that come in multiple colours or metal wire. Coloured ligatures are very popular with these metal braces, and we have a large variety of colours. There is no additional cost for colours and they can be changed at each visit. It can be a lot of fun to change the colours based on what is going in your life, holidays, school events, sports teams etc. Their purpose is to hold the arch wire in place in the bracket slot.

For patients wanting their braces to be less visible, the option of clear ceramic brackets is available rather than metal brackets. Clear braces are ideal for all levels of orthodontic treatment. Coloured to mimic and blend in with the tooth shade of the patient, they also resist staining or discoloration over time, assuring you'll look great throughout your treatment.

A New Generation of Beauty with Clarityb
A New Generation of Beauty with Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets.

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